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The Difference is Clear

Compare to coriolis, nuclear, microwave, and ultrasound meters

RM Series 3 & mining stages.

  • Determining totalized mass of mined rock before crushing.
  • Calculating slurry density before and after dewatering.
  • Determining how much slurry is moved to tailings.
  • Monitoring treatment processes.

About Us

Red Meters innovates the future of understanding in a real-time, continuous manner. Specializing in data monitoring and analytics, the Red Meters vision is to create a density meter alternative with the unmatched quality of our non-nuclear density measurement systems. Built inline with slurry pipelines, the RM Series allows for process automation with +/- 0.25% accuracy over a 6:1 density range. Each RM system is calibrated to NIST, OIML, and ASTM standards, meaning our instruments are smarter, faster, and better for better for your industrial application. Read More.

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