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Stop Guessing

Red Meters lets you know exactly what is happening within your slurry in real time. You can stop guessing with this simple piece of equipment giving you complete process control.

See For Yourself

With innovation like Red Meters, seeing is believing. We’d like to extend a special thank you Damen Dredging, Endress+Hauser Group, Idreco and the industry leaders that have come to witness Red Meters technology first hand. Join industry experts at our next Red Meter’s Technology Showcase to learn more about this disruptive measurement equipment.

The Basics

For years engineers have been searching for a solution to accurate and repeatable measurement of density within a slurry. Often, the simplest solutions are the most effective. Red Meters uses the most basic principle of calculating density, density = mass / volume. An RM series exists specifically for each of our primary industries and each bespoke unit can be customised including increased temperature and pressure requirements.

We designed the RM2 for the unique challenges faced by barges and vessels for land and sea dredging.

The RM3 is designed for larger diameter pipe sizes, withstanding highly abrasive materials, such as ore and rock.

The RM4 completely removes the guess work and lost time spent waiting for wastewater samples to dry.

The Red Meters series has yet to meet an application that wouldn’t benefit from it’s accuracy, repeatability and ease of use.

Unrivalled Accuracy & Repeatability

Interrogations Per Second


Full Scale Accuracy


Repeatability Reading

Millisecond Response Time

Seeing Is Believing

We believe the best the way determine whether a Red Meter is right for your application is to see it for yourself.


Continuous density measurement


In-line, obstruction free cartridge


Immediate measurement readings


Integration with existing instruments and software


The single most effective density meter available


we asked industry experts for their opinion on Red Meters.

Egbert Wibbelink

Denialink SL

“Thank you for the presentation of concentration meter. It was quite interesting! To the point and actually seeing an online system makes it a good experience!””

Kees Van Vugt

Orange Pit Dredging

“The measuring system is not only very accurate, failure insensitive and simple in design but above all it contributes to increased production and support the dredging master in his complex job. The system gives immediately all info about output, also per hour, day or per week.”

Aart van den Dool

Castart BV

“This device is a typical game changer and more a revolution. Equipment for the dredging industry should be solid, easy to use, low maintenance and have a long life time. Your new gravity based density meter has all these features… Very clever solution which outperforms nuclear meters and makes this device also very safe to use. Nice built-in feature is the automatic wear indicator to turn the tube on time.”

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Real-Time Exact Density Meters

We set out to create the most accurate, reliable density meter available. After five years of extensive research and development under the guidance of process control instrumentation experts and leading industry consultants – it’s finally here. The Red Meter range is a superior in-line solution offering greater accuracy, repeatability and ease of use over nuclear and legacy density measurement devices.

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Red Meters density gauges are the most safe and accurate density meters available for all processing applications.
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